Things To Take Care Before Opting For A Residential Alarm System

A burglar System is the most important Residential Security Alarm System Residential Alarm Systemfor a house. It not only act as deterrent for the outside world but also is helpful in the detection of an intrusion. With the help of its sensors and alarms, it not only informs the neighbors by activating the alarms and sirens, but also send prerecorded messages to the desired numbers.


English: Different Types of Cctv Cameras

English: Different Types of Cctv Cameras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to surveillance system of a house, the biggest challenge is to decide on which type of camera to opt for. You may go for an Analogue based security camera system, or an IP based home camera system by evaluating their pros and cons which we discussed in one of our previous posts. But to choose a type of camera is still a big question, as it not only depends on just the cost part of it, but also on the type of application. Below I have tried to specify some of the type of home camera systems with their usage in different applications, which may ease your decision making while choosing a type of camera during installation of video surveillance system in your house.:-


Before purchasing a CCTV Security Camera, it is the image sensor which CCD Vs CMOSwe look for in the first place. Image Sensors are something which one should try to understand and find out first in a Security Camera, even before the parameters like TV Lines, or IR, or Focal Length. As evident from the title of this post also, we shall be talking about the two types of Image Sensors majorly available n the market, and the ongoing war between them. These two types of sensors are CCD and CMOS Sensors. CCD stands for Charged Coupled Devices, and CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.

Introduction To Residential Alarm Security Systems

Residential Alarm Security Systems:

If you are one of those extra cautious and responsible home owners who care for Residential Security Alarm Systemtheir family and are really worried about the security of their home and safety of their family, If you are considering Electronic Security as one of the options to get rid of all anxieties related to security of your residence, then this post is for you. In the subsequent lines of this article you will get a good idea of what actually a Residential Alarm Security System is ?, how does it work, what is the theory behind it and what are the options available in the market for a perfect Home Alarm System.


What is an Access Control System in Electronic Security:-

 With the boom in Electronic Security Industry, we want to replace every manual system with the gadgets offered by this market. An Access Control System is the result of this phenomenon, where doors are locked and guarded by an electronic reader which on verifying the identity of a person gives appropriate signals to the electromagnetic lock for opening the door. Interestingly unlike a traditional lock, electronic locking security systems do not have the limitations on number of keys to be carried, as every person carries his smart card in which relevant data is stored about him in electronic form. This data is verified by the reader while swiping of card and then only the person is permitted inside the premises.