Types of Communication Channels in a CCTV Security Camera System

Performance of a CCTV Security Camera SystemCCTV Security Camera System

It has been highlighted again & again on this blog that performance of a CCTV Security Camera is not something which is totally dependent on the camera itself, which means, you cannot give 100 % credit to your favorite camera for its best resolution, and on the other hand you cannot even blame it for the low performance .

The show of CCTV Security Camera System is a team effort and is run by various components/modules in it playing their part and contributing to its overall performance. One such module is communication channel deployed for taking signals from camera at one place to the central monitoring station. We already discussed various types of topology employed in a CCTV System in our previous post for the case when communication channel is optical fiber network for larger distances. But there is more to it. Depending on the distance to be covered, technical expertise, budget available, there are n number of communication channels that can be used to make a CCTV System work in a premises.


Criticality of a Network Design in a CCTV Security System

For any CCTV Surveillance Security System, deployed in large industrial Security Camera Installationsetups- the role of network design is very important, as it is design of the system which decides the performance of overall Camera Security System, rather than the quality or specifications of individual camera itself.  I am not saying that we should ignore the specifications of camera in such a case, but it is like in a class a highly qualified professor gives his best lecture to the students, but due to large size of class, his voice is not reaching all his audience. In such a case, it is not the professor who is giving a bad lecture, but his lecture will still be perceived as useless for students at the back, as his voice is not reaching to the last student of the class.

Things To Take Care Before Opting For A Residential Alarm System

A burglar System is the most important Residential Security Alarm System Residential Alarm Systemfor a house. It not only act as deterrent for the outside world but also is helpful in the detection of an intrusion. With the help of its sensors and alarms, it not only informs the neighbors by activating the alarms and sirens, but also send prerecorded messages to the desired numbers.


English: Different Types of Cctv Cameras

English: Different Types of Cctv Cameras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to surveillance system of a house, the biggest challenge is to decide on which type of camera to opt for. You may go for an Analogue based security camera system, or an IP based home camera system by evaluating their pros and cons which we discussed in one of our previous posts. But to choose a type of camera is still a big question, as it not only depends on just the cost part of it, but also on the type of application. Below I have tried to specify some of the type of home camera systems with their usage in different applications, which may ease your decision making while choosing a type of camera during installation of video surveillance system in your house.:-


Before purchasing a CCTV Security Camera, it is the image sensor which CCD Vs CMOSwe look for in the first place. Image Sensors are something which one should try to understand and find out first in a Security Camera, even before the parameters like TV Lines, or IR, or Focal Length. As evident from the title of this post also, we shall be talking about the two types of Image Sensors majorly available n the market, and the ongoing war between them. These two types of sensors are CCD and CMOS Sensors. CCD stands for Charged Coupled Devices, and CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.