There has been an unending debate over the efficiency and utility of IP Security Cameras over Analogue Security Cameras. On one hand Analogue Cameras are cheaper than IP and are simple to install, where RG Cable is simply connected from a camera output to a proprietary recording and viewing device traditionally called DVR. On the other hand IP Cameras, although expensive but promises to be eventually cheaper than the former when number of cameras and viewing stations are high. Apart from it IP Cameras offers some more features & benefits that can compel anybody to go for them even if they seem to be costlier.








Below are the some basic differences between an IP Security Camera and Analogue Security Camera which can become a deciding factor while making a choice between them:-


  • IP Security Camera unlike Analogue Security Cameras do not need any proprietary device like DVR and are able to send digitised signal over  an IP (Internet Protocol) network, where these signals can be processed in the desired manner with a lot of flexibility by using a Video Management and Video Analytics Software even in remote places via LAN, WAN  or Internet.
  • There is no limitation in number of viewing stations as all the monitors/LCDs can be simply plugged to the network and can easily access the video in digital format. Where as in an Analogue Camera where viewing is possible only through DVRs output to monitor – number of viewing stations can be only one or at the maximum 2.

  • An IP Security Camera network also provides flexibility in terms of its scalability ie the number of cameras can be increased even in multiples of one on a network. Where as an additional camera in case of analogue Security Camera network totally depends on number of channels available in DVR, amount of wiring required to be done and also the distance at which camera is to be installed.


  • When the number of cameras is high, the amount of cabling in IP Security Camera network can be saved substantially since all the devices are simply required to be hooked to the network by assigning an IP address, unlike point to point wiring for each camera to the DVR in case of Analogue Security Camera.
  • Since most of the IP Cameras come with the PoE enabled features- total cost of power cabling can also be reduced by getting the power from PoE switches.


  • Image quality of IP Security Camera is much greater than that of Analogue Security Camera as firstly image need not be converted for any processing at server level as its already in digital format, Secondly there is less loss of signals in digital format over a CAT6/optical fiber  cable which is not the case in analogue signal over a coaxial cable.
  • Megapixel Cameras in IP Camera segment gives the type resolution and ultimately the picture clarity which is unmatched in any of the analogue cameras.

Superior Control while Monitoring:-

  • IP Security Cameras also offers superior control while surveillance through their analytics features. If the number of cameras are high it becomes very difficult to monitor every screen and its there where analytics in an IP network proves its utility. The analytics can be at edge level through cameras DSP or even at server level through software.
  • Most of  the IP Security Cameras also comes with various input/output controls, where the camera is not only able to take inputs from various sensors like smoke detectors, door contacts, but also can take action after getting these inputs in  the form of releasing doors, triggering an alarm or even sending the video of unlikely event on mail.
  • Activity Controlled frame rate is another such feature where frame rates of recording are increased in case of some activity and then again decreased in case of no activity at the scene. This helps in saving storage space and thus provides more number of days recording.

However inspite of all the good things analogue cameras are preferred in cases where number of cameras are less, there is no network bandwidth availability, there is no option of optical fiber cable and distances are still larger. In such cases analogue camera is the simplest solution with RG 11 cabling.

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