English: Different Types of Cctv Cameras

English: Different Types of Cctv Cameras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to surveillance system of a house, the biggest challenge is to decide on which type of camera to opt for. You may go for an Analogue based security camera system, or an IP based home camera system by evaluating their pros and cons which we discussed in one of our previous posts. But to choose a type of camera is still a big question, as it not only depends on just the cost part of it, but also on the type of application. Below I have tried to specify some of the type of home camera systems with their usage in different applications, which may ease your decision making while choosing a type of camera during installation of video surveillance system in your house.:-

 Dome Cameras

These can be easily mounted on ceilings. The biggest advantage with these is that it is not possible to find out from outside that camera lens is facing which direction. These also come for both the indoor and as well as outdoor applications. Just like box cameras these are also available in analogue and as well as IP systems.

Box or Bullet Cameras

These are the most commonly used security cameras installed in majority of the applications.  Its varifocal lens is its biggest advantage which allows you to change the focal length as per requirement to adjust the field of view.  Box cameras can be easily mounted on walls and are most suitable for indoor applications as generally do not come with weather proof housing. If required these can even be made movable by mounting it on the top of a pan/tilt motor. Box cameras are available in IP as well Analogue forms.  As the debate about difference between analogue and IP cameras is long lasting, we will not get into the details and come to our next type of camera – ie Covert Cameras.

Pin Hole or Covert Cameras

With the growing market of Spy cameras – Covert cameras have started rolling out in the market with all types of shapes. Be it a pen type camera, Pin hole camera inside a goggle or even a wall clock, these are available in all forms. Although the quality of lenses is not that good, but still considering its squeezed size, you will find it acceptable. These cameras are also available in analogue & wired forms and as well as in USB forms- easily pluggable in laptops for viewing. The biggest advantage of these types of cameras is that these are portable and can be fixed at any location depending on the requirement. Later the video can be seen by plugging it in any laptop.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are generally dome cameras with pan, tilt and zoom capability. These also come for indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor purposes they come along with a weatherproof housing which is IP 65 rated. Its utility lies in its flexibility to cover a larger area where monitoring can be done in all the direction through its continuous PAN feature. An object at a longer distance can also be recognized with its optical zoom feature. Because of all these features, these cameras are best suited for a perimeter surveillance application.

It is advisable to analyze the application well in advance before opting in for any of the above cameras.  As where there is a need of just monitoring a small area- PTZ cameras are surely not an economical option. On the other hand, where we need to identify faces- PTZ cameras are the best option. Thus efficiency of CCTV Security Camera system totally depends on the selection of cameras as per requirement.

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