A burglar System is the most important Residential Security Alarm System Residential Alarm Systemfor a house. It not only act as deterrent for the outside world but also is helpful in the detection of an intrusion. With the help of its sensors and alarms, it not only informs the neighbors by activating the alarms and sirens, but also send prerecorded messages to the desired numbers.
The efficiency of a Burglar alarm system depends totally on its ability to give alarms at right time. It is really painful if such a system gives you false alarms every 30 minutes, and when there is an actual intrusion, you may miss thinking it also one of the false alarms. To avoid all these circumstances, and to get the maximum benefit out of the system, one must take care of following things before purchasing it from the market.

Ease of Installation:-

Ease of installation is one of the most important parameters while selecting an alarm system for the house. Wireless alarm system should be preferred over wired alarm systems if expertise in installation & wiring is an issue for you. Although a wireless systems comes along with its own drawbacks related to its limited range, where one has to take care of the maximum allowed distance between panel and other sensors while installation. Apart from it panel should be easily programmable, and should not look like the dashboard of a Space Shuttle. One must always prefer less number of keys and simple programming than too many choices, options and a complex programming. It is not at all wise to get a panel where you consume all day just to arm or disarm the panel.

Service Support:-

Although most of the systems comes along with the ‘Do It Yourself’ Guide and are very easy to install and troubleshoot, but it’s good to choose a company with good service support. It can also be checked If company provides a dedicated number to call in case of any trouble in the system to get the assistance.

Range of wireless sensors:-

Range of the sensors from the panel should always be checked before purchasing a burglar alarm system. It may not suit the way your house is made, as distance of the all the sensors- be it magnetic door contact at main door entry, glass break sensors at all the windows of your house, passive infrared sensors to detect the movements in any part of your house- all should be in a permissible range from the main panel. The alarm system will be of no use if you cannot install all the desired sensors in your house just because it is not coming in range.
Here once again I will say- if wiring is not an issue, one can go for a hard wired security alarm system also, as it not only eliminates the limitation of range, but also give other benefits in terms of large number of zones, in which your premises can be divided. A wired installation is always dependable over a wireless System. Wired Installations are always better if area to be covered in the house is large.

Low false alarm rate:-

The system should come with least false alarm rate. There are sensors which do not depend on a single technology or parameter to detect the intrusion, but they define multiple parameters for same to avoid any kind of false alarms. These are called Dual Technology sensors, using both infra-red as well as microwave detection.

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