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Types of Communication Channels in a CCTV Security Camera System

Performance of a CCTV Security Camera SystemCCTV Security Camera System

It has been highlighted again & again on this blog that performance of a CCTV Security Camera is not something which is totally dependent on the camera itself, which means, you cannot give 100 % credit to your favorite camera for its best resolution, and on the other hand you cannot even blame it for the low performance .

The show of CCTV Security Camera System is a team effort and is run by various components/modules in it playing their part and contributing to its overall performance. One such module is communication channel deployed for taking signals from camera at one place to the central monitoring station. We already discussed various types of topology employed in a CCTV System in our previous post for the case when communication channel is optical fiber network for larger distances. But there is more to it. Depending on the distance to be covered, technical expertise, budget available, there are n number of communication channels that can be used to make a CCTV System work in a premises.


With the multiple utilities and the ease of use, Wireless Home Security Cameras are increasingly becoming popular in Home Segments. Its affordability has made it the first choice for every householder who is looking for a Security Camera Installation. One can not only guard his house in his absence against the intruders but also can keep an eye on his maid, pets and children when he is away from home.


What are Wireless Security Camera Systems:-

With the spreading awareness of desired security systems at home, popularity of wireless home security cameras is increased many folds. People have understood that it is not just the office complexes, or big infrastructure premises, that need robust security systems. But adequate attention should also be given to residential complexes to deter unwanted threats and to be prepared for any kind of intrusion in our absence at home. It is because of this reason wireless security camera systems for home are evolved as one of the primary product lines for any of the security camera manufacturer. Ease of installation, zero pains related to cabling are some good reasons for the increasing market of wireless security cameras.