What are Wireless Security Camera Systems:-

With the spreading awareness of desired security systems at home, popularity of wireless home security cameras is increased many folds. People have understood that it is not just the office complexes, or big infrastructure premises, that need robust security systems. But adequate attention should also be given to residential complexes to deter unwanted threats and to be prepared for any kind of intrusion in our absence at home. It is because of this reason wireless security camera systems for home are evolved as one of the primary product lines for any of the security camera manufacturer. Ease of installation, zero pains related to cabling are some good reasons for the increasing market of wireless security cameras.

A Wireless Security Camera is able to transmit video signals to another wireless device (also called receiver) which further connects it to the desired network. In this way without the need of high cost cabling one is able to get the live video feed on to his network and live video feeds can then be stored on a local hard drive for  future reference.

Benefits of Wireless Home Security Cameras:-

Following are some of the benefits derived out of wireless cameras making them popular in home segments::-

1.  Ease of Security Camera Installation:

Owing to its wireless feature a wireless security camera is much easier to install than its wired counterpart. Only with a little knowledge of setting up a wireless network one can install a wireless security camera system in a very short time period.

 2. Cheap Installation:

As there is no involvement of cabling: all the expenses pertaining to video cables/CAT 6               cables is actually a saving during the installation of a wireless home security camera.

 3. Convenience:

Wireless Cameras also prove its utility by giving convenience of making it mobile anywhere.  Now by mobile, I do not mean one can actually carry a wireless camera while traveling. Off course there are USB cameras available in market with inbuilt batteries or sometimes even with car adaptors that are truly mobile. But by convenience here I mean it is easy to shift these cameras as per requirement in a closed network, which is quite tedious in case of wired security cameras.

4.Remote Viewing:

Once the video data is fetched into a network it can be easily seen even at a remote distance though the router provided sufficient bandwidth and a static IP is available.

 Limitations of a Wireless Home Security Camera System:

With every new technology, there are benefits and as well as limitations are associated;: Wireless Technology is not an exception and comes with certain limitations as follows in the installation of Security Cameras:-

1.Frequency Limitation:

Wireless cameras run on certain limited frequencies of 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz & 5.4 GHz, making it prone to interference.

2. Limitation of distance:

Wireless cameras do have limitations in terms of distances to which the video signals can be transmitted. Some technologies even required line of sight for clear signal transmissio

3. Issues related to interference:

There are high chances of interference in wireless cameras with other signals if frequency of transmission is same and  there is no feature of data encryption in the camera system.

 4. Wireless Solution:

is not a successful solution in bigger premises with a large number of cameras. As it calls for a larger bandwidth and covering long distances with a lot of transmitters and receivers. Off course there are expensive solutions available for big commercial/critical infrastructure with technologies like Wimax., which are not feasible for home security systems.

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