Residential Alarm Security Systems:

If you are one of those extra cautious and responsible home owners who care for Residential Security Alarm Systemtheir family and are really worried about the security of their home and safety of their family, If you are considering Electronic Security as one of the options to get rid of all anxieties related to security of your residence, then this post is for you. In the subsequent lines of this article you will get a good idea of what actually a Residential Alarm Security System is ?, how does it work, what is the theory behind it and what are the options available in the market for a perfect Home Alarm System.

What is a Residential Alarm System:-

It is an Electronic System which in a way takes care of the security of your house when you are away for some important work or on holidays. Off course there is no perfect alternative of your own presence in the house for its safety, but this system will provide you an assurance and peace of mind up to a large extent and will allow you to take a leave away at least for a while.
As illustrated in my earlier articles as well- such system comes with a panel along with certain sensors and sounders like hooter and alarms. Sensors are input devices for the Alarm System and hooters & alarms are the output devices for the system. The moment sensors are able to detect some suspicious activity at the house which is an indication of any kind intrusion, it gives signal to the panel. And panel further activate all the output devices.

Why do we need such security system for our home:-

With the growing demand of Electronic Security System, there is also an increase in the sale of Home Security Alarm Systems in the Security Market. Apart from all the Security Systems which also include – a CCTV System, Access Control System or even Fire Alarm System, Alarm Security System is the most basic system which a home owner can install in the very first place even with a very low budget. We shall definitely cover some of the low budget options available in the market in the later part of this article.
Off course we can always question the need of such system as a perfect replacement of human guards. As after all being a technology product highly dependent on the alarms and sensors, such a system can never match the reliability which we get from human guards. But if we look at the other side, we will find that the onetime expense of installing an Alarm System for Home, is much lesser than that of the recursive expense on monthly basis for human guards. More over the ease of installation of such a system also contributes a lot to its increasing demand. Each system available in the market comes along with the ‘Do It Yourself’ Guide.

How a Residential Alarm System actually work:

To understand the working of a Home Security Alarm System, one must first understand the loopholes in the security of a house. It is possible only after we think about the possible threat areas in a house. A burglar can enter the house through main door, windows of the house or from any other entrances where there is less movement of people. To prevent it there are sensors such as movement sensor which senses any kind of movement in the desired area of monitoring, A door sensor also called magnetic door switch, which senses the opening of a door. All these sensors are activated as soon as they are put on armed mode when the family is away from house. In armed condition as soon as sensors get any signal of intrusion they communicate the same to the panel, which in turn activate the hooters and alarms of the house so that neighbors are immediately informed of the intrusion. At the same time, most of the panel is also connected with phone lines, so that a prerecorded message can also be sent to the desired numbers or the nearest central monitoring station.

Options available in market for a good home alarm system:

Below are some of the good options available on Amazon Store:-

Fortress Security Store:-

It is a self-sufficient system with three movement sensors and 10 door contacts, which means by default you can monitor the movements in your house at three most threat prone areas, and doors sensors can cover 10 entrances to your premises. It is a fully programmable kit, easy to install and arm in no time.

Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System:

It is a Wireless System having a range of upto 500 feet (as claimed by them) and comes along with 4 number entry sensors for doors and windows, motion detector and panic button for emergencies.

Pi Sector S02 Wiress Home Security System:-

It is another good wireless Security System comes with three motions sensors, 10 door sensors and panic button with an extra outdoor siren. It also comes with three number keyfobs for activating or deactivating the alarms.

GE 51107 :-

There is another cheaper option with a budget as low as $20. Although it is not complete Alarm System, can be considered as a Personal Security System, where the kit comes along with the deluxe door alarm having four-digit keypad, and three window alarms. Installation is damn easy with no need of any type of wiring.

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