As such even the main door of your house is also a security device in a way as it act as a barrier between your home assets and outside threats but as rightly said -Security is just a degree of protection and the peace of mind associated with it, which can never be ensured even after the installation of gadgets of most advanced technology. It is at this stage that Home Security Systems comes into picture to play a major role in providing and increasing that degree of protection.


Home Security Systems can broadly be categorized in following types of prominently used Alarm Systems:-

  • Fire Alarm System: – secures all your valuable assets against fire hazards. It has got a main control panel which is connected to various sensors and sounders. The control panel is installed at some safe location of the house from where the administrator can control all the devices connected to it. It has got a keypad which is alphanumeric and acts as an interface between the user and the other input and output devices. The input devices are generally fire sensors, manual call points etc, which gives input to the control panel on the basis of which it activates its output devices like strobes, hooters, voice evacuation system etc. The fire sensors depending on the technology can be of various types like smoke sensors to detect smoke, heat sensors to detect temperature etc. There are certain specialised sensors as well available in the market for addressable panels. On the other hand the signal for any type of fire can also be given manually to the control panel through manual call point installed generally near exits.
  • Burglar Alarm System: Simplest of the Burglar Alarm Systems if installed properly can prove to be the most reliable of all the Home Security Systems. Like Fire Alarm System, it also consists of a panel with keypad for interface and various input and output devices. PIR sensors for detecting movements, Vibrations sensors, Glass Break Sensors, Magnetic Door Contacts (for detecting opening of doors and windows) are few devices which act as input devices for the panel. The panel after receiving signals from input devices about any event of intrusion activates the output devices. The output devices include hooters, panic alarms and sometimes even a phone line – separate or inbuilt in the panel, which send pre-recorded messages to few emergency numbers of police, Central Monitoring System.
  • Other Security Systems: – Home Security Systems apart from Fire Alarms and Burglar Alarms also include products like Video Door Phones, Access Control, and CCTV etc. Apart from it Physical Security Products like fire rated Safes; Lockers are also used prominently in homes to protect cash, jewellery, important documents from theft and fire.


All these security measures as stated earlier as well may act as a deterrent /hurdle for various kinds of threats but can not be taken as a threat proof system as with the advancement of technology  when threats change its forms, the existing systems technology becomes obsolete. A periodic upgrade of home security systems is advisable to keep pace with the new threats and hazards.

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