CCTV Surveillance Security Systems


What are Wireless Security Camera Systems:-

With the spreading awareness of desired security systems at home, popularity of wireless home security cameras is increased many folds. People have understood that it is not just the office complexes, or big infrastructure premises, that need robust security systems. But adequate attention should also be given to residential complexes to deter unwanted threats and to be prepared for any kind of intrusion in our absence at home. It is because of this reason wireless security camera systems for home are evolved as one of the primary product lines for any of the security camera manufacturer. Ease of installation, zero pains related to cabling are some good reasons for the increasing market of wireless security cameras.

Types of Security Camera Systems- Comparison between Analogue and IP Security Cameras

There has been an unending debate over the efficiency and utility of IP Security Cameras over Analogue Security Cameras. On one hand Analogue Cameras are cheaper than IP and are simple to install, where RG Cable is simply connected from a camera output to a proprietary recording and viewing device traditionally called DVR. On the other hand IP Cameras, although expensive but promises to be eventually cheaper than the former when number of cameras and viewing stations are high. Apart from it IP Cameras offers some more features & benefits that can compel anybody to go for them even if they seem to be costlier.