Boom Barrier is the most basic equipment in Access Control Security Systems and acts a first line of defense in any premises by providing the physical blockage at main entrance.gate. It serves the three basic need of security to “STOP”, “VERIFY” and then allow “ENTRY” of any visitor, employee to the sensitive buildings and Installations.

Application of a Barrier Gate Access Control in Security Systems:-

 Boom Barriers control the general traffic flow as its function is to keep a check on any unauthorized entry of vehicles. They are ideally suitable for high threat areas like Airports, Embassies, Defense Establishments,GovernmentPSUBuildings, Oil and Gas Plants, Temples & Palaces etc.

 The boom barrier can be either Electromechanical or Electro Hydraulic based on the manufacturer designs and its crash rating. The crash rating of a barrier is actually the ability to stop the vehicle of a certain mass with a certain velocity. The higher the crash rating – higher is the ability of barrier to withstand the collision of heavy vehicles coming with high speed trying to forcefully enter the premises.

 As it is supposed to control the traffic of vehicles at main gate barrier, it opens either with an impulse of a valid signal or automatically within a preprogrammed time period depending on the requirement. The valid signal can be given either manually by a switch or through some controller driven by signals of a proximity/smart card or biometric readers.

 The boom barrier basically comprises of housing – with drive unit inside it, a boom of varying lengths and a boom rest. The barrier housing is fabricated in mild steel, zinc coated for additional protection and powder coated with stainless steel base frame .The housing can be opened with a key. The boom is balanced by an equivalent counter weight.

The drive unit also have intelligent control mechanism that accelerate and decelerate the movement of the booms. Some of the boom barriers have booms that can also have articulation facility (foldable boom) as an optional feature which help in the applications where available height clearance is less than the required boom length.

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