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Rajneesh Chaturvedi is the author and owner of the "The Security Systems Academy" Blog. He is a full time sales professional associated with Electronic Security Industry and a part time blogger loves to write about various topics including Electronics Security.



As such even the main door of your house is also a security device in a way as it act as a barrier between your home assets and outside threats but as rightly said -Security is just a degree of protection and the peace of mind associated with it, which can never be ensured even after the installation of gadgets of most advanced technology. It is at this stage that Home Security Systems comes into picture to play a major role in providing and increasing that degree of protection.


Today with the advancement of technology – when indoor board games are changed to 3 Dimensional computer games, video tapes are changed to pen drives, Desktop PC are converted to Tablet PC, Public Transport has replaced Buses with Metros, The entire world has changed with no limitations of geographical boundaries as any body can be in touch with every body just with a click of the mouse. In such a scenario definition of security is also changed completely along with the change in the types of threats. Threats are no more limited to simple burglary but it has changed its entire form and motive. It can also go upto the extent of taking human lives. Nowadays it had become very easy to break into a premises with the help of high tech gadgets in a very short span of time. Hence with a change in the type of threat it has become mandatory to change the types of protection also in the form of advanced Security Systems for Home and Workplace.