With the multiple utilities and the ease of use, Wireless Home Security Cameras are increasingly becoming popular in Home Segments. Its affordability has made it the first choice for every householder who is looking for a Security Camera Installation. One can not only guard his house in his absence against the intruders but also can keep an eye on his maid, pets and children when he is away from home.

 Among the lot of wireless security camera solutions available in market, one should choose carefully the system keeping in mind the following parameters:-

1.      Ease of Security Camera Installation

The camera system should be easy to install. Today lots of wireless home security camera systems are available in the market with DYI (Do It Yourself) Guide. One should make sure that the kit purchased come along with this guide along with the easy to install mountings.

2.      Easily Configurable

The camera system purchased should be easily configurable and compatible with most the of current networking devices (routers) in the market. It is a general problem during a security camera installation, that the routers available are not compatible enough to enable features like remote viewing.

3.      Remote Viewing Capabilities

The system should be able to show live feeds from the camera even at remote location. Generally in an IP camera this feature is available. But even if one goes for a DVR based Analogue Security Camera System, it should be checked if the vendor is providing the remote viewing facility or not.

4.      Recording and Viewing Options

The next parameter is flexible Recording and Viewing options available in the kit. Whether the system is having multiuser facility with various access levels. What is the capacity of the hard drive provided along with the kit if any and what will be the duration of recording covered with that hard drive? 15 days or even a 7 day recording is sufficient for home use. However it should be checked during the installation of security camera if number of recording days can be increased by changing the configurations in the system.

5.     Range of Distance

The range at which the camera is able to transfer the video signals should be checked. Ideal range offered generally is 300 feet without any obstructions.

6.      Covert Cameras

English: CCTV sign in the window of Abrakebra ... One of the reasons one opt for a wireless security camera system in home is its ability to be hidden from public and do monitoring secretly. Although I prefer to let it be visible to public as a deterrent and not hidden. For that matter I even prefer to go for a dummy camera- not working at all, but just playing the role of a deterrent. So if one is planning for a hidden monitoring, it should be checked whether the cameras can be made covert.

7.      Other Important Parameters

Certain other parameters that can be checked before opting for a wireless camera system are resolution, maximum viewing angle coverage & capability to transmit audio signals as well along with video signals.


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